This Woman Recreated Every Disney Princess Outfit And The Results Are What Dreams Are Made Of

Growing up, most girls dreamed of being a Disney Princess. While we all grew up on the same few animated films, there were some that really stuck with us forever. No wonder I’m 24-years-old and still believe that a fairy Godmother will come and *poof* my student loan debt away (just kidding, but a girl can dream, right?). While Disney films always had a great lesson to learn, a romance storyline or amazing sing-along songs – they also had some gorgeous dresses and outfits, which, always made for great Halloween costumes. But, when it’s not the trick-or-treating season, there are times when you can still dress up as your favorite characters – like, for expos and festivals. Instagram user @lily_on_the_moon (Ophélie Veret) is well known for her imaginative outfits that she recreates for festivals and expos. People refer to this as “cosplay” and, Veret is the queen of it. Based in Paris, Veret shares her dozens of outfits on her Instagram page – including all of the Disney Princess outfits.

She’s dressed up as Ariel:







And, she also dresses up as other famous and fierce characters, too.

See more of her amazing looks on her Instagram page.