People’s Favorite Work Clap-Backs Are The Most Petty Things You’ll Hear Today

No matter where you work and what kind of field you’re in, you’ll always end up with some people in your office that you can’t stand or just straight up want nothing to do with. But, there always comes a time where you’ll have to send an email to them because – all companies want to be one big, happy family. While we’d love to tell people to f*ck off or get their sh*t together – HR departments tell us that’s inappropriate for the office and we need to remain professional at all times.

Therefore, we usually use some passive aggressive “signatures” or “intros” in our work emails. And, while they sound pretty normal for the average work email – they are low key savage and throw some shade at our co-workers when need be.

You can refer to them as “professional clap-backs.”

Twitter user @DeeRene_ asked the simple question – what’s your favorite phrase to use in a professional clap back?

And, Twitter responded – perfectly.

So, basically, the next time you find yourself angry at a co-worker and are forced to work on a project with them – take from these list of passive aggressive email signatures to use to reclaim your petty crown.