Apparently, Someone Revealed The Sex Of Kylie Jenner’s Baby

Finally, the Internet God’s have answered our prayers and given us some confirmation on the state of Kylie Jenner’s uterus. For months since the news broke that the 20-year-old was with child, fans have been anxiously waiting for the moment she would tell the world–”hey guys, it’s Kylie, I’m pregnant!” But, we’ve been let down time and time again as Kris Jenner and her devilish ways have forbidden us from knowing the truth.

Lucky for us, whoever is in charge of the publicity for Keeping Up with the Kardashians (or whoever runs the show’s Wikipedia page), leaked some much-needed information about Kylie’s baby.

The following episodes are to air in February (starting the 11th, seeing as everyone will be watching the Super Bowl the previous Sunday). February 11th brings forward a two-part episode involving Kim and her surrogate (who recently gave birth to Chicago West).The following episode showcases more of the adorable friendship between Kris and Scott, Kendall’s anxiety issues, and Khloé and Malika’s friendship.

Then, February 18th brings forward Khloé trying to keep her pregnancy a secret from the entire world (remember, she announced to the family before she announced publically on social media) and, Kris’ new hairdo (please be her blonde bob!)

But, the final episode description is the icing on the cake and shows us all that Wikipedia is here for all of us.