Wikipedia Just Confirmed Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy And Revealed When She’s Announcing

I’m sure you’re sick of everyone asking the same question over and over again for several months. To be honest, I’m sick of investigating photos and clues from the Kardashians to figure out whether or not Kylie Jenner is actually pregnant. Let’s face it, we know she’s pregnant because there are too many obvious things that point to yes, rather than no. People are just annoyed that Kylie decided to “break” the Kardashian family tradition and go into hiding for the entire term of her pregnancy–instead, of course, sharing photos of her baby bump,  shopping trips, plans for her new child (like all her other sisters do). While we’ve seen leaked images, picked up on specific “words” used by the family, and really, really dug deep–all we needed to do was check out Wikipedia for some solid proof.

Now, if you’re writing a college paper, Wikipedia may not be the best source for you to use. But, if you’re looking for some juicy gossip on someone–Wikipedia also may not be  the best source for you to use because let’s remember folks, the average Joe can go into the site and “edit information.” Usually, fake info. is changed in a matter of hours, but, there is always that slip-up where someone writes foolish information and dumb people fall for it. This time, it seems as though Wikipedia finally answered our burning question: Is Kylie Jenner pregnant or not?