Model Reveals The Tricks Behind Instagram Stars’ Seemingly ‘Perfect’ Bodies

If you find yourself spending a bunch of time scrolling through hot chicks on Instagram’s ‘Explore’ page, wondering how their skin looks so smooth, their hair so beachy-wavy-perfect, their makeup impeccable, and their bodies pure ?flames?, know that you are not alone. We all do it.

If you also find yourself feeling bad because you have acne, don’t have the time or patience to do or learn makeup and hair, and have some soft spots on body parts where these girls have none, know this: None of it is real.

That’s right! It’s all fake. Remember: Instagram is a series of highly curated, edited, posed photographs. Body-positive model Iskra Lawrence recently posted a video that shows the extent to which Instagram ‘stars’ actually cucurate their appearance in photos.

“When you see that perfect photo, what really goes on behind the scenes is good lighting, good angle, good posing. It can completely change what your body looks like.”

“I just want to show you the real stuff,” she says. Iskra demonstrates just how easy it is to create a thigh gap, smaller arms, flatter tummies, single chins, bigger booties, etc. etc. WITHIN SECONDS.

“I wanted to get super real and show you how drastically and instantly people can change how they look simply by posing, let alone good lighting, high quality cameras and photoshop!” Iskra added in her Instagram caption.

There you have it. Next time you catch yourself drawing comparisons between seemingly ‘perfect’ models on Instagram and your reflection, remember Iskra’s video. And next time someone takes a picture of you, just stick that tongue to the roof of your mouth.