This Video Of An Instagram Model Kicking And Beating Her Dog Is Too Hard To Watch

When it comes to going viral online, you’d hope that it’s for a good reason and not for brutally attacking an animal relentlessly. One Instagram model is paying the hard price after a disgusting video has gone viral on the web.

Keevonna Wilson, who goes by the Instagram handle @themissingkeee, has over 40,000 followers on the social media app and has gained some business from her following. However, all of this changed after a video from last year resurfaced online.

The video that was taken by the elevator camera in Wilson’s condominium shows Wilson brutally kicking her dog. Wilson enters the elevator with her dog, who runs into a corner when Wilson begins to kick the dog at full force. The dog then runs into another corner and Wilson continues to kick it.

After the video was shared thousands of times online, Wilson was arrested and charged with felony counts of animal abuse. Her dog has since been removed from her care.

WARNING: This video contains graphic footage and may be hard to watch.

Twitter users have some thoughts for Wilson and what she deserves for treating an animal so horribly.