People Are Outraged That A Dying Dog Owner Had Healthy Pet Euthanized So They Could Be Buried Together

People online are raging after reading about a Virginia woman who had her perfectly healthy dog put down so that the two could be buried together.

According to CNN, the Shih Tzu mix named Emma, was brought to the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter in Chesterfield, Virginia on March 8 after her owner had died. Emma stayed at the shelter for two weeks. During this time, the shelter was in contact with the executor of the pet owner’s estate.

The woman who had passed had requested Emma be put down in the wake of her death so she may be buried with her in the ground. During the two weeks, the shelter tried to find a way in which they could keep Emma alive, telling the executor that they can “easily find a family to adopt Emma.”

Carrie Jones, manager of Chesterfield Animal Services told CNN affiliate WWBT:

We did suggest they could sign the dog over on numerous occasions, because it’s a dog we could easily find a home for and re-home.

However, on March 22, the executor picked Emma up from the shelter and was taken to a local veterinarian center, who euthanized her. Emma was then taken to a pet cremation center. Her ashes were placed in an urn and placed in the casket alongside her dead owner.

CNN adds that laws allowing people to be buried with their pet varies and depends on each state. In 2014, Virginia passed a law making it legal to have pets and owners buried together, but, cemeteries must set aside separate sections of the grave.

After the story went viral online, people were completely outraged to see that any vet would put down a completely healthy dog at all—despite the owner’s demands in her will.

Lawmakers are now considering alternate legislation to prevent situations like this happening in the future.