O.J. Simpson Was Released From Jail The Same Day KUWTK Premiered, So, Obviously Kris Jenner Planned It

O.J. Simpson is free again after serving nine years in jail for a Las Vegas armed robbery and kidnapping. The former NFL star was released from prison shortly after midnight on Sunday, October 1st, and was eventually picked up by a friend. Who was this friend you ask? This is the same question I find myself wondering? O.J. was scooped up in the middle of the night to “give him privacy.” You may be thinking after 9 years locked away, is this so egregious? No, it really isn’t considering the 70-year-old has been in the limelight for the better part of his adult life.

I am here to remind you – folks stay woke. You guys really think puppet-master and momager Kris Jenner isn’t all over this?! I mean we all know there is no possible way O.J. Simpson can be Khloe’s biological father, right? Like I said, stay woke people. Kris Jenner is already locking down generations of KUWTK’s after we’ve learned about the “alleged” triple Kardashian pregnancy. Maybe shake things up with a little “who is the father drama.” It has been working for Maury Povich for years now, anyway.

After watching the video where O.J. Simpson seems at first, to be secretive of his destination. Which of course, is perfectly normal for a celebrity just out of the clink. It gets a bit stranger when he then continues to babble that he’s been driving for five hours and doesn’t know where he is. It wouldn’t shock me in the least if Kris Jenner sent one of her people to go scoop the Juice himself. Would anyone really be shocked if Kris Jenner was all over the O.J. release situation?

Is it too farfetched to believe Kris Jenner had Simpson whisked him away in the dead of night and shuttled him right to the set of KUWTK’s? I mean think of the ratings, people! Kris Jenner may be the most powerful person in America right now. Absolute power moves all over the board. Who knows if Kris has anything to do with The Juice running loose again? Well, Kris certainly does. That is here nor there, I am just here to remind you like I said, stay woke my friends.

Triple pregnancies? Check. Who is the Father drama? Check. Kardashian’s stranglehold on the entertainment business and basically planet earth for the foreseeable future? Check plus plus.