Kris Jenner Is 61-Years-Old & Slaying This Bikini Better Than All Of Us

Kris Jenner is the proud mother of six children and – at 61-years-old – her body is still looking as fierce as ever. While everyone loves to hate on the Kardashians/Jenners because – lets face it – everyone’s mad they don’t have that Kardashian Money, you can’t really deny that they work really hard to keep their bodies in tip-top shape.

We always see Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian posting work out videos on their social media sites, and of course, Kim, too. Kendall stays slender to walk the runway and Kylie – well Kylie pays for her body, really. Rob on the other hand – we all know how that’s going.

But, what about mom Kris? While she’s busy running all of her kid’s businesses – she has time to hit the gym it seems. Khloé posted this photo of her mom on her Instagram page and all we can say is – damn momma, where’d you get those curves?

Seriously, she looks better than most people at 40 – let alone 61.

Keep on slaying Kris.