Bride Decides To Walk Down The Aisle With Donut Bouquets Because, F*ck Flowers

Since we’re little girls, we dream of our special day – our wedding day. Some of us plan our wedding years and years in advance, making boxes of little trinkets we collect over the years to incorporate into our dream wedding. Some of us also don’t want to get married – which, is also socially acceptable and fine. But, if you were to get married and have your “wedding day dreams come true” I’m sure you would want to take notes from bride, Paige Burgess.

Burgess, from Sydney, Australia, wanted to do something fun and different for her wedding day with her besties – who were her bridesmaids. And, instead of sticking to tradition and using ordinary flowers for bouquets – she sweetened it up and used something that much more delicious.

The moment that the Bride told the bridesmaids that they'll be walking down the aisle with donut bouquets!

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That’s right – donut bouquets. This bride just stepped up the game for every future bride everywhere who’s also a bit hungry. I mean, this sounds pretty damn good to me – if my husband’s vows are too long, I can take a bite of a jelly donut and feel at ease (don’t care if they’re filming, I’ll do it).

The bride told BBC that she wanted to do something different and everyone thought it was hilarious and cute. My question is – is it socially acceptable to make a pizza bouquet?