Ice Cream Filled Donuts Exist & You Need Them In Your Life ASAP

There’s no denying we at PizzaBottle love food. Food is what makes the world go ’round. It brings people together, it makes everyone happy – it brings a smile to nearly everyone’s face. And, when people come up with crazy cool creations in terms of food, we can’t help but want to eat the sh*t out of it.

Incase you needed another reason to postpone your “summer bod diet,” – someone came up with ice cream filled donuts and we are literally drooling at our computers. B Sweet Dessert Bar located in Los Angeles, California has come up with the crazy creation driving Instagram users (and us) insane.

The dessert bar puts a scoop of delicious flavored ice cream inside of a hot, glazed donut. It makes eating these bad boys way easier, because it’s less messy than an ice cream sandwich. The ice cream is actually sealed inside the donut – no drips.

They’re called “Halos” and they cost only $5 – which is a bargain because these bad boys are huge. You can pick out any flavor from their 40+ and have it made for you fresh, on the spot.

Can you say heaven?

Check these out.



Perfected the art of making consistent bites with these amazing Halo’s from @mybsweet ???

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