Oreo Hot Chocolate Actually Exists – This Is Not A Drill People

With it being Fall and all now – it’s time to retire our iced coffees (haha, what a sick joke, never) and cash in for some hot chocolate to warm our biter, cold souls this Fall/Winter. While we’re all a huge fan of hot chocolate in the cooler weather, sometimes, the average hot cocoa can get a bit – well, bland and boring. Let’s face it – unless you’re topping my cup with whipped cream – I’m not into it.

But, after browsing online for hours earlier today – I was shocked and astounded when someone discovered that Walmart is selling boxes of Oreo Hot Cocoa that I can make in the comfort of my tighty whitey’s in my own damn home. No longer do I need to rely on overpriced stores like Dunkin Donuts (sorry, bae) and 7-Eleven to get me a hot cocoa that will most likely be lukewarm by the time I actually get around to drinking it – instead, I can make my Oreo Hot Cocoa for a reasonable price and as many damn cups at a time as I want.

Now – where can you get this bad boy? Apparently, it’s been spotted on Walmart shelves.

Although other stores haven’t quite rolled them out yet – we know that if one store has it, it’s only a matter of time before several other stores get that order rolling in. So, keep your eyes peeled and if you’re looking to send me a thoughtful gift – email me and I’ll give you my address.