25 Shirts Every Foodie Needs In Their Wardrobe ASAP

Foodies know that there is nothing more important in the world than food. We’re not ashamed to admit that we care about our pizza more than we care about 99.9% of people in our lives and we’re also not ashamed to say that we’ll go head first into a large pie by ourselves on a Friday night. What better way to show our TLC for our snacks and dinner than by wearing it across our chest? Add these to your Christmas list, pronto.

1. Ranch dressing over everything:

Get it here.

2. I’m only thotty for Tacos:

Get it here.

3. Fries B4 Guys 4EVER:

Get it here.

4. Pho-Sho:

Get it here.

5. Lonely & hungry for Mac & Cheese:

Get it here.

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