Apparently, There’s Poop Floating Around Your Starbucks Iced Coffee

Sometimes, there are things that are just better left unsaid. But, we’re here to ruin your day – today and probably tomorrow – and most likely, days and days after that.

A new study released has just informed the world that your iced coffee from Starbucks contains some fecal matter – which means, there’s poop in your coffee.

Womp. Womp. Womp.

According to a BBC program called Watchdog, they tested for “fecal coliforms” in popular coffee chains – like Starbucks and Costa Coffee (Dunkin’ Donuts in the U.K.)

And, the results are – 30% of the coffee tested from Starbucks had some form of fecal matter in it and 70% of the coffee tested from Costa Coffee had fecal matter.

And, while it sounds gross, it’s more than just a nasty fact to learn. You can actually get really sick from fecal matter present in food – really sick. So, your best bet may be to start brewing that coffee at home. Get yourself a Keurig or something – ya dig?