This Bride Is Suing American Airlines For $3.4 Million After They Ruined Her Wedding Dress

Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life – for some brides. Others believe it’s just another normal day, in which you decide to tie the knot with your new partner in life. But, if one thing is for sure – no matter how “important” you think weddings are – a bride’s dress is sacred to them.

Whether you like big weddings and big ball gown dresses, or, you prefer simple ceremonies with cocktail dresses – picking out your dress is important. You’ll forever look back on photos and videos of your special day for years to come and it’s only natural a bride wants to look her absolute best.

One bride suffered a baffling wedding nightmare after American Airlines apparently completely ruined her dress on the way to her destination wedding.

Here’s how things went down –

Yewande Oteh from New Jersey planned a romantic destination wedding ceremony in Jamaica and obviously didn’t want to check her wedding gown in the luggage compartment of the plane. She had spoken to airline staff and they agreed to allow the bride to bring her wedding gown onto the plane with her – and, store it in a closet that was set aside for airline attendants.

However, when boarding the flight, Oteh claims that airline attendant Melanie Masters became extremely agitated and gave her a pretty hard time about storing her dress in a closet that was “not meant for passengers.” Finally, she had to put her dress in an overhead bin, instead of the closet they had promised her.

According to Oteh, after the flight, airline workers unloaded the overhead bins and she was shocked and completely in disarray when she found her beautiful wedding gown was soaked through with red wine – ruined.

Now, Oteh is suing American Airlines for ruining her wedding day and causing her emotional distress. According to reports, she wants $850,000 for each count of negligence – intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and negligent hiring and negligent retention.

And, while I understand that having your wedding dress ruined could cause you extra stress on top of your wedding day – $3.4 million seems a bit much. Agreed?