This Crazy Ex Brought Photos Of His Ex-Girlfriend Giving Him A BJ To Her Wedding

In the pettiest move I have ever seen in my entire young life, I bring you the story of an ex who never got over “the one that got away.” In breakups, many people sometimes are hurt and scorned, finding revenge to be the only option. Of course, this is not healthy and can only lead to chaos. If someone you love has moved on, the best option is to let go and move on yourself–not bring NSFW photos to their wedding. If you do that, you can best bet there will be hell to pay.

While we don’t have many details, we do have texts and video of the aftermath. Here’s how it goes–an ex-boyfriend was pretty angry his ex-girlfriend was getting married. Turns out, the girl moved up in the world apparently, because this wedding looked pretty damn fancy. He showed up to the wedding (uninvited) and brought some party favors with him. Not just any party favors–NSFW photos of his ex-girlfriend giving him oral sex. He proceeded to put them on tables around the reception.

The person who was hired to DJ the event caught videos of the chaotic scene and fights that broke out following the incident–it looks insane.