20 Petty Revenge Stories That’ll Give You Sweet Satisfaction

Since we were all young people constantly told us that two wrongs don’t make a right. Perhaps that you should always take the high-road because revenge is not the answer. I say screw that, you can enjoy the high-road and leave more room for me on the low-road. Truth is everyone loves a sweet revenge story. The pure satisfactory that comes from getting even with someone you destain is indescribable. A little vengeance in such an unfair world every now and then is just what the doctor ordered. We turned to Reddit to ask people what are their most satisfying revenge stories and they will not disappoint.


I work at a retail store for a major telecom provider.

I had a customer come in a purchase a pay-as-you-go phone and $100 top up balance one night (I don’t make any commission on paygo phones and they’re a pain in the ass for the most part). That day we had been experiencing some network issues which was causing a delay between me setting up the device on the network and the phone actually activating. The customer was in a bit of a rush so I made sure everything went smoothly and that I properly explained the issue we were having so any issues wouldn’t freak him out. He told me he understood and that he would let us know if he had any further issues.

I get a phone call 2 hours later from the same guy yelling at me that his phone was broken. Apparently he had took it into his local store and they told him the phone was defective and whoever sold it to him was an idiot because it should of never left the store. This not being my first rodeo, I kindly reminded the customer on our conversation about the delay and suggested he pull the battery and restart the phone to solve the issue. He replied with a few choice cusswords and told me he was going to get me fired for the inconvenience then hung up.

The next day while I was filing some paperwork I was startled with a “HEY! YEA, REMEMBER ME?” And I looked up to see the same customer in the store stomping over to my counter with his phone and paperwork. As he started ranting and raving about how much trouble I was in I took the battery out of his phone and restarted it, fixing the problem.

Me: “There you go, problem fixed.”

Him: “What? How did you do that?”

Me: “Remember when I told you to pull the battery to fix the issue? That’s all I did.”

Him: “Well I shouldn’t of had to drive all the way down here to fix that!”

Me: “You didn’t, I told you on the phone what to do.”

As soon as I said that the customer completely shut down, mumbled a goodbye and wakes out. The kicker was that he lived an hour away so he drove a 2 hour round trip for me to do a simple battery pull.

As for the other store, I found out what rep had gone on about how much of an idiot I was for selling a “defective” phone and contacted their manager who I just so happened to be friends with. Rep got a 3rd and final written warning as was fired soon after for repeatedly shit-talking his co-workers. Good riddance.



Neighbors tend to be jerks. One will call my kids names, yell at my dogs. The other will do all kinds of weird things like watch everything we do. Go outside after we do just to watch what were doing. Put their garbage cans and bags on our lawn instead of their driveway. Some petty stuff, some irritating, some just plain rude.

I decided to grab one of my old routers and turn it on. Once a week I change the SSID’s to something attacking their craziness…

So it’s an ongoing story. One that is passive aggressive so to say. But I name the access points to where it is OBVIOUS to all the other neighbors what the message is.



3. He wasn’t puckin’ around.

I used to work as a referee at a Men’s hockey league that required all players to have helmet stickers to prove they had signed the leagues insurance waiver. (sign the waiver, get the sticker, put it on your helmet and you can play) It was really common for guys to be too lazy to walk upstairs to the office and get their stickers so we would constantly have to bother them during a game to go and get one immediately.

So one Friday night I go up to a guy without a sticker and tell him to go get one, he tells me that the office told him they ran out of stickers and he could play. So I let him continue to play while I get my timekeeper to radio my convenor who then had to call the office and check the guy’s story. Turns out he lied to me, the office had plenty of stickers and he was just being lazy (this was annoyingly common).

So I blow my whistle at the next stoppage of play and go over to tell him that he lied but that since it was now the last half of the third period I would let him play but that he had to get one before his next game. His team played back to back games that night so I would know for sure that he got one and didn’t mid doing him that favour. He agreed and thanked me for being cool about it to my face but as I skated away he called me a fucking idiot. I in turn assessed a game misconduct for abuse of official which in that league carried an automatic one game suspension and would force him to miss his next game. He didn’t like this and cursed me out more before leaving the ice.

After that game as I was walking back to the ice for this guy’s team’s next game he came up to me and apologized to me which was nice, that is until he then asked me to let him play in the next game. I promptly told him not a chance and walked away, he cursed me out again but had to sit out the game and all for a sticker that he could have easily gotten by walking upstairs to the league office.

TLDR: suspended a belligerent hockey player from a back to back game for not getting a helmet sticker.