People Reveal The Most Uncomfortable Ways They’ve Discovered Someone Had A Crush On Them

The feeling of being liked is nice and heart-warming…sometimes. Knowing someone loves us makes us feel validated and as though we’re worth something. While we all want to be liked and adored, there are some people who we wish would express themselves in completely different ways. Some people go the extra mile to prove–and not in a good way. People are sharing the most unpleasant and uncomfortable ways they’ve discovered someone had a crush on them and it’ll make you cringe–twice.


She cut my name into her thigh.


A girl I knew back in high school was a notorious stalker. My friend circle tended to be the main targets of this stalking. She obviously got all her ideas of romance from teen romance novels and TV shows because she would bombard these guys with songs, poetry, and straight up professions of love. She was even the type to count the curls in a guy’s hair when sitting in class.

She once sent my best friend an email asking about an assignment with some “hidden” white text that read “I am a brown dragon, and you are my rider.” Also sent a 3 page threat letter to a girl who went to homecoming with another friend.

Fast forward a few years. I was engaged and somehow stalker gal is too. We’re both about 20 and she sends me a message on Facebook saying “You know… you were one of the only one of your friends that I never tried to pursue, and I regret it every day.”

I responded “What?”

She then unfriended and blocked me. Best of luck to that psycho.


Recently, a girl I knew from school broke up with her boyfriend. She got really drunk and started flirting with me through text. When I didn’t respond accordingly, I stopped hearing from her. Then she showed up at my apartment and said “do you like that? So you like when I flirt with you like that?” One step above “you like that you fucking retard?”