People Reveal The Most Uncomfortable Ways They’ve Discovered Someone Had A Crush On Them


A coworker purchased a $3,000 giant lizard. (I think a monitor lizard?) He mentioned he named it my name. I laughed, not getting it, and asked if it’s spelled the same. He looked at me super intensely and said. “Yes. Exactly like you.” I… was only 19, and I sort of just walked away.


I was in a study-abroad program in college with about 55 students… it’s a small house… people talk… this dude had been telling people that we dated for 6 months, but that we’d just broken up so they shouldn’t say anything to me because I was still heartbroken…. as if that would not have gotten back to me… AND one of my housemates was my roommate the year before (during the window where he and I were “dating,” so she knew he was lying). I called him out on the lies, and he actually had the balls to tell me that he had feelings for me, and that talking about us dating was the closest he thought he’d ever get to actually dating me. What. The. Hell.


Some girl that sat at my science table in 8th grade had an instagram account where she rambled about me and my friends. I had rarely talked to her yet she knew all of my likes and dislikes. She also had her friends talk to me and ask me about my plans all the time and what i did over the weekend and stuff like that.