People Share The Weirdest Things They’ve Done Because Of Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is the worst. It kills your self-esteem, your confidence, and even opportunities at friendships, jobs, and relationships. Things that feel really easy and normal for everybody are incredibly difficult and overwhelming for those of us struggling with anxiety— which is a lot of people! So when Reddit user maelstrommartin posted the question “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done as a result of social anxiety?” a lot of people came through with answers.

Answers that will make you laugh, cringe, cry, and maybe even relate.

Sounds like you had a good time, Captain_Frying_Pan:

Climbed a tree to get away from people at an outdoor party. Stayed there until everyone left and then went home.

Honestly this is super pimp, gametycoon:

I’m from Ireland (a Catholic enough country). I deliver pizzas and one night a women said “god be with you” as I was walking away and I stumbled over my words and said “peace be upon you” like the fecking pizza Pope. Cringed pretty hard walking away as she just looked at me. Edit: toppings be upon you my children.

Sometimes it feels like anxiety will kill you, and sometimes it almost does:

When I was about 11, I stood in a room with my mom and her employees after an office Thanksgiving luncheon. They were chatting away about various things and we were all snacking. I took a bite of turkey and as I went to swallow it, it lodged in my throat. I kept swallowing as hard as I could but it wouldn’t budge and I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t have a drink near me, either. So, I stood there attempting to get it down while giving NO INDICATION that I was literally choking on my food… Because I didn’t want to interrupt the conversation or draw attention to myself. My vision was starting to black on the edges and I was full-on panicking inside when I finally got it swallowed down. I remember breathing heavy through my nose and my eyes watering, thinking how stupid I just was but now I DEFINITELY couldn’t say anything about it.

I mean, you were there, rahkira:

Driving to a party, sat outside of it in my car the entire time, left. Next day, said I was there