Police Officers Share The Dumbest Things People Have Done When Pulled Over

There are some people who are genuinely scared of authority figures. The moment they are faced with someone in uniform, they get so much anxiety,  they start saying some pretty stupid things. Have you ever been pulled over and you’re just so nervous, you admit to things that make no sense? Or, you’re stopped by a cop and you just start rambling? It’s not abnormal to be nervous when around the police force–they do have the ability to arrest you, throw you in jail, ensure you never get another job, etc. Policemen/women of Reddit shared the dumbest things people have said to them or admitted to them due to being completely and utterly nervous, and, it’ll make you giggle (and feel less alone).


My father was a cop for many years and one of his favorite arrest stories was when he pulled someone over for simple traffic violation, I think he didn’t do a full stop for a stop sign. When my father asked “do you know why I pulled you over?” The gentleman responded “yea yea it’s because of all the cocaine in the trunk.” After my father read him his rights and was putting him in the back of his car, my dad asked “just out of curiosity, how did you know I knew you had drugs in the back”. The man ushered to the radar detector in the front and said “I saw the drug detector on the dash and I knew you had me”. My father still laughs about this one 20 years later.


Not a police officer, but I got pulled over I thought it was because of the illegal u-turn I haf done and as the usual goes “do you know why I pulled you over?” I sheepishly responded “because I did an illegal u-turn”. He kinda just stared for a moment and switched on my headlights and said “your headlights are off and stop doing illegal u-turns”.


I’m the idiot in this situation. Being apologetic by nature; when I got pulled over for rolling through a stop sign I said “I’m so sorry officer, I do it all the time”.