The People Of The Internet Reveal ‘Common Knowledge’ That Is Actually False Information

It’s pretty easy to believe things when you hear them enough times. So often in society, we’ll believe anything we hear over and over again. Our elders also are to blame for this. Maybe it’s because we’re lazy and have no time to truly research all the sweet and subtle anecdotes or life lessons we are taught, but mostly, it’s because everyone continues to say them over and over again. Maybe we’re all living a big, giant lie. Maybe none of this is real. Maybe you are an alien and there are real people on other planets. Maybe I’m getting off track. But, the people of Reddit have banded together to share the honest, real, humble, mind-blowing truths behind all these “common knowledge” lessons we’ve learned–and, most of them are complete and total lies.

Rabbits don’t eat carrots, so forget Bugs Bunny.

“Rabbits eat carrots” is not true and can actually make rabbits sick because of the high amounts of sugar. Rabbits mainly should only eat grass and/or hay.

Also, Goldfish grow…big.

Goldfish don’t “grow to the size of their tank.” They grow till they get to big for their tank and then die… A healthy, non genetic inbred garbage goldfish can live over 25 years and grow longer than a foot.

George Washington, poor guy.

George Washington didn’t die of a cold like I was taught in school. He caught a cold and then his genius doctors decided to remove over half of a 67-year-old man’s blood. They also exposed him to a chemical that made him shit himself. That’s probably what did it.