The People Of The Internet Reveal ‘Common Knowledge’ That Is Actually False Information

So what did Adam and Eve really mess with?

The forbidden fruit mentioned in the Book of Genesis is never identified as an apple (it was actually probably an etrog, or a quince, or something equally unappealing to me rn)

Look out, Frenchmen.

Napoleon Bonaparte wasn’t actually short – the term “Napoleonic Complex” is complete bullshit. Napoleon was actually taller than the average frenchman at the time, at 5’2″ (In French feet and inches). That put him at about 5’7″ today. His imperial guard around him at the time was comprised mostly of men over 5’10” (In Frenchfeet and inches, again!), so it’s quite possible he was considered short in comparison to his giant bodyguards.

I guess I’ll just let it fly from now on.

If you pee in a pool there is not chemical that will change color so people know you are peeing