20 People Reveal The Most Important Questions You Should Ask On A First Date

Let’s face it, first dates are just completely and utterly horrifying and the main reason for that sad reality is the actual fact that you never know what can happen. The uncertainty of possibly meeting the love of your life or the worst person you can ever encounter in this unusual world is pretty gruesome. Let’s not forget the murdering anxiety we have to go through before the actual date contemplating what to wear, where to go, what to say and what not to say but the fact of the matter is that no matter how many hours you may spend straightening your hair and perfecting that cat eye, nothing can prepare you for what is to come at you. Now, it’s true you can’t really guess what might actually happen on that long anticipated date, you can read through some of these hilarious answers to an ask Reddit thread that will hopefully alleviate some of that premature stress.

1. “Do you have any allergies?”

Went on a date to a Panera bread to find out that she had a real issue with gluten-sensitivity. She was really nice about it and got a salad, but I was feeling really bad because I took her to one of the worse places that you can take someone with gluten sensitivity.

2. “What are you looking for?”

oh you know I just kinda see what happens”Alright so… you wanna fuck or go to dinner?

3. “What about procreation?”

Do you want kids? Because I don’t.

4. “Are you a psychopath?”

Because it’d be great to know you know?

5. “Are you a dog or cat person?”

There is only one correct answer.