The People Of The Internet Reveal ‘Common Knowledge’ That Is Actually False Information

Don’t worry so much.

Leaving your hair wet will not give you a cold

Boom! Science.

There is no such thing as being right-brained or left-brained. People who are artistic are just as capable of doing math as anyone else of comparable intelligence and people who are good at math can be just as creative as anyone else.

This is a particularly damaging myth, I believe. It is so pervasive that it is often even taught in schools, which leads to artistic students believing that their not being good at math is a result of just “who they are” rather than a result of their not studying enough. More importantly, it leads much of society to believe that math and science are the opposite of creativity, when in reality they are examples of some of the human race’s most astounding creative pursuits.

This leads to artists holding unrealistic and shortsighted views about those in the STEM fields as being fundamentally different as people, and about their own creativity as being a distinct process from rational thought. Conversely, it leads scientists to hold equally shortsighted views about artists, such as the beliefs that artists don’t contribute to the growth and progress of human societies or that they do not possess a strong or refined intellect.

If you’re the type that attributes shortcomings to being left-brained or right-brained, cut it out. Your interests and your motivation drive what you become good at, not one side of your brain being stronger than the other.

Use it all you want.

Using a phone while it’s plugged in decreases battery life. Straight bullshit.