People Share Tiny Things They Do That Make Society Just A Little Bit Worse

For the most part, I believe we all consider ourselves pretty decent people. You know follow most of the rules, make the world a better place all the fun stuff. Essentially most of the things that help us function as a decent at best society. We also have the side of us that’s yearning for anarchy. We can’t help it, there’s just something about being bad that will always feel so good. Luckily, the majority of society won’t do anything too major due to their sense of better judgment. To make up for the lack of evil we get to commit because you know, jail and stuff. We’ll settle for little tiny things that chip away at the fabric of society. These 30 people are sharing the little things that they do that may seem harmless but are really making society worse.

So polite yet, so evil.

I offer my seat on public transport to middle aged people to make them feel old.

Absolutely genius plan.

 I give people who don’t like me good advice so they won’t take it.

Anarchy I tell you, anarchy.

I never donate to freeware companies, and then I complain when they shut down.