This Story About What Mr. Rogers Was Really Like Is So Pure, It Will Leave You in Tears

This story was shared with us by writer Anthony Breznican, and we couldn’t be happier he did. Let me first say I couldn’t be more jealous of this guy. I don’t want to ruin the story, but if you had to choose someone to bump into in an elevator randomly Mr. Rogers is top 3 no doubt. If he wasn’t in your top 3, I bet he is after reading this incredible story!  Most recently many people turned to his famous ‘helpers quote’ from Mister Rogers Neighborhood following the terrorist attack during an Ariana Grande concert this past May. Anyone dealing with tough times can find solace in his words just like Anthony did a few years back, damn he’s so lucky.

Anthony reflected back on a dark time in his life during his college years where he felt more or less hopeless.

Sometimes the world acts in mysterious ways, but Breznican grew up watching Mister Rogers Neighborhood but like many hadn’t seen the show in many years.