Little Brother’s Adorable Letter To His ‘Sister’ Has People On Twitter In Their Feelings

Remember when you were younger and your parents/siblings used to tell you that you were adopted–or not their “full family?” No? Was that just my siblings? Either way, thinking that you’ve been lied to your whole life about your siblings can be pretty emotional.
And, when you find out that it’s the truth, it’s even more emotional. One Twitter user, @PamTina_ shared the moment her little brother found out that she wasn’t his “full sister,” and instead, his half-sister. Instead of freaking out and yelling at everyone, her brother wrote her the most adorable letter.

Warning: You’re going to cry.

Pam posted the photos on Twitter saying:

My little brother found out I’m not his fully sister and I came home to this.. I’m crying..


Not only did he write a heartfelt letter, he also made sure to buy his sister some of her favorite snacks.


Seriously–my sisters are my full-blooded family and they’re not that nice to me. Apparently, neither are the siblings on Twitter. People were sharing their reactions and how emotional they got over this adorable bonding moment.