This Guy’s Insanely Pure Twitter Thread About His Foreign Classmate Will Teach You To Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

If you’ve ever been in a college classroom, you’d know that there are a few “truths” everyone goes through. Most of the time, we sit in the same seat every day, even if we’re not assigned seats. We also get to know the students in our class–kind of–only inside the classroom, hardly ever outside.

We barely know the kids in our lectures or classes, and we hardly ever make an effort to get to know them. One Twitter user’s story about his foreign marketing classmate is, however, teaching us a valuable lesson about judging a person before you get to know them. Thomas McFall shared how he was originally annoyed with his classmate for “always putting his bag and stuff on the chair/desk he usually sits in every day,” but, was surprised when he realized why.

Clearly, Thomas learned a valuable lesson here–not everyone is a total d-bag. Some people are just trying to be genuinely nice and friendly. It’s a positive end to a good, pure story–something we all need. Twitter, of course, was moved.