University Installs A ‘Cry Closet’ For Stressed Out Students — And We Totally Get It

At this point in the year, many students are well into studying for their finals — and, in some cases, suffering emotional turmoil as a result. While therapy dogs and junk food binges are certainly comforting in their own way, it’s a universal truth that sometimes the only way to get through finals is to allow yourself to have a good ol’ cry.

Recently, a student at the University of Utah discovered a rather unusual new development in the library: a free-standing “Cry Closet,” filled with stuffed animals, to allow students to have a safe space to vent their emotions during finals.

People were so entertained by the idea that the student’s tweet garnered over 284,000 likes.

While the idea is obviously a delightful one, the closet isn’t actually a permanent fixture in the library — it’s a student art project.

The artist, Nemo Miller, was extremely excited by the attention her “Cry Closet” art project received.

While the idea does seem a little absurd, Twitter users were genuinely supportive of the “Cry Closet” concept.

Of course, as someone pointed out, this installation has the potential to turn into several art projects …