20 Tweets That’ll Make Any College Student Say “Same.”

One of the many lies we were told back when we were innocent little rascals with absolutely no responsibilities to worry about is that college was gonna be fun and an incredibly exciting experience. This led us as innocent children that we were to believe that college was the time to look forward to, a time in which we would figure out what we would be.

While there is some pro’s in being a college student like student discounts, the rest is just purely sad cons. It’s definitely true that the college experience is a unique one. From restless nights to studying for three exams back to back, it’s a whirlwind adventure. Let’s not forget the incredible parties you get invited too during midterms and finals week where you find yourself questioning whether if it’s all worth it but then you end up chasing down those tequila shots because YOLO.

It’s a well-known fact that college students are just plain victims of the unfortunate situation but it’s a proud honor when you finally overcome the troubled era. It’s a victory every student longs for behind such a tiring excursion to say the most but the best of all is the grand prize awarded to you in the end after such hard work…long live your student debt!