20+ College Majors, As Told By Michael Scott

When you get to college, you’ll realize that you can major in just about anything you desire. Now, not all of these majors will land you a job, but hey–most of us don’t end up working in our “field of study” anyway so, why not study something you enjoy before you end up sitting in a lonely, tiny cubicle working for minimum wage forever? When deciding a major, you may become extremely overwhelmed and experience:

  • panic attacks
  • rashes
  • stomach cramps
  • heat flashes
  • diarrhea
  • fainting

But, have no fear, Twitter is here to help us laugh through the traumatizing experience that is choosing your college major. Just as @DanielMcCrystal, who decided to create the best Twitter thread: “College majors as Michael Scott quotes.”

31. Sociology:

30. Film:

29. Elementary Education:

28. Social Work:

27. Psychology:

26. Philosophy:

25. Music:

24. Math:

23.  Accounting/Finance:

22. Forensic Science:

21. Culinary Arts: