20+ Realities Of Working In Retail, As Explained By Michael Scott

Working in retail builds character — because you’re constantly interacting with crabby, condescending customers, restocking during downtime, and pretending to smile when you really feel like screaming until you bruise your larynx. It’s a wonder that most retail employees are able to get through the day without throttling a customer, a coworker, or both. If you’ve ever had your patience and sanity tested by a retail job, then you’ll surely appreciate some of these all-too-relatable occurrences, helpfully demonstrated by The Office‘s Michael Scott.

1.  Telling someone to “Have a nice day” when what you really mean is:

2. Training on the register for the first time.

3. When your manager asks if you could work two doubles in two days.

4. Standing around as a seasonal hire and eavesdropping on the year-round employees.

5. When a customer threatens to talk sh*t about you to your manager.

6. When there’s a rush and you’re completely understaffed.

7. Deciding to go ahead and take your break early.

8. Trying to upsell to the customer who keeps asking hyper-specific questions.

9. When your manager schedules you for 30+ hours in a week.

10. When tourists/families come through and leave the place trashed.