These Fake ‘Customer Service’ Responses To Rude Customers Are Absolutely Perfect

Everybody complains about calling customer service because it’s going to take hours, the connection is going to be bad, and at the end of the call, they’re probably not going to do anything for you or your legitimate complaint about a poor product or getting ripped off. Then all you’re left with is the guilt at having yelled at some person in a call center whose job it is to take verbal abuse from strangers like you all day. But customer service remains a necessary evil, and the last and possibly only line of defense when a complaint must be lodged.

A lot of companies have tried to make things easier on all sides with online customer service—usually some kind of chat window or text-like program. They’re still terrible, but they’re a little bit more user friendly than holding a hot phone to your face all day. In a parody of all customer service techniques, especially online ones, some wonderfully creative person created a fake customer service representative on Facebook named “Customer Service.” Then they hit up actual companies’ Facebook pages and answer the vitriolic, inane, dumb, unnecessarily mean, and completely aggro complaints that have been left there. They are hilarious and remind all of us that we need to chill out.

1. Maybe South Dakota.

2. This one is at no. 2 for a reason.

3. The harder side of Sears.