Mom Calls Out McDonald’s After Her Daughter Has An Uncomfortable Interview

I remember my first job interview, and it was unbelievably nerve-racking. 15-year old me trying to make it in the world on my own two feet decided to get a job. Looking back I’m delighted I got my first working experience in such a lovely place. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t petrified going into the interview. This little girl was horribly nervous about trying to get her first job at McDonald’s and that’s understandable. What I can’t understand is how some grown man can be so disgusting as to make a young teenager feel so uncomfortable. Every time I pass that beautiful glowing yellow M, I’m filled with warm happiness and joy. Now, every time this poor girl sees a McDonald’s she gets sick to her stomach. You’re not supposed to get sick until after you’ve already eaten the McDonald’s.

A parent’s love is a fierce power; I can’t imagine how my mom or dad would’ve handled this jabroni after being utterly inappropriate during her interview. This girl is lucky to have a mother that doesn’t mess around. Below is the Facebook post the girl’s mother Rita Pryce putting the inappropriate interviewer on blast!

Burgu (Young Wattle Flower), Gananhdharr (White Heron) and Bonba (Butterfly) ready for Bunggul with our Yolngu family…

Posted by Rita Pryce on Friday, July 11, 2014