This Teenager Scared The Crap Out Of Her Neighbor Without Even Trying

Meet Tennesse native Kellie Burkhart who is a pretty big fan of the hit TV series “Supernatural.”

Although her obsession for the show is a pretty large one it does not come close to her unceasing love for Jensen Ackles. I mean who could really blame her right? The girl is obviously totally in love with the man because she has kept a cutout of him for quite some time now in her room.

Every fangirl can totally understand and even relate to the level of fixation but apparently, there are some not so understanding people out there. Kellie’s neighbor made it known that he was not too thrilled about having to be a part of the madness. Why is that you might ask? Well, if we observe very closely where Kellie has the cutout you might just grasp what might happen when the sun sets for the night.

Yeah, definitely not a million dollar view if you ask me…