People Reveal Their Biggest ‘OMG I Can’t Believe That Actually Worked’ Moments

Have you ever had that time where you did something you never thought would work but when you did it, it actually paid off? Yeah, you don’t get too many of those moments in your life (unless you’re insane and enjoy doing outrageous things). Well, it actually happened to these people on Reddit and they decided to share with us what those crazy moments were. We thank them, and also want to be their friends.


At a job interview when they asked me what my salary expectations were I told them that I would want a raise on my current salary. When they asked what my current salary was, the number I gave them was 10K more than I was actually making. They offered me 5k more. So I got a 15K raise overnight basically.


I once pretended to be able to unlock a dial lock by listening to it… I did it. I was more shocked than my friends were.


Had a mini fridge in my dorm second year of college. Comes time to move out so I start cleaning it out, realizing in that moment that was the first time I had cleaned it out all year. Sludge poured out onto the carpet and left a stain I couldn’t get out.

Later, the floor RM comes by to inspect the room and note any damages to charge for. This was the first year the dorm had been open, so any damages would have obviously been my fault. RM looks around the room, sees the large stain, and asks “is that a stain?” I reply “no” completely deadpan, fully expecting to get charged for the obvious, big stain on the carpet. Instead the RM just pauses and says “okay” and gives me the all clear, no damages.

Can’t believe that worked.