People Reveal Their Biggest ‘OMG I Can’t Believe That Actually Worked’ Moments


Picked my coworker’s locked cabinet with 2 bobby pins. I got the idea from playing too much fallout at the time.


When I was younger, I was walking with my mate and his Mother when he decides to be a dick and slap me in the arm. After a couple of times his Mother catches him and tells him he’ll be in huge trouble if he does it again. So when she wasn’t looking, I clapped really loud and yelled “ouch”.

He was grounded for 2 weeks.


Was drunk out of my mind when I got home. Crush and her friends were hanging out on my couch. I just looked her dead in the eyes and said, “you coming to bed?” She said, “yup!” And I actually picked her up and carried her off. Drunk confidence man… works wonders.