People Reveal Their Biggest ‘OMG I Can’t Believe That Actually Worked’ Moments


Used to work for Hertz. While driving a car from the depot to the airport terminal, I drove over a large pothole with my front left wheel, causing the car to repeatedly veer left. I looped around the block and intentionally drove back over the same pothole, hitting it with the right wheel this time. Fixed the problem.


When I was in high school we had an essay exam on this book that I had not read at all. Instead of writing about that book, I decided to write one about another book I had actually read. I figured I was going to fail anyway so it didn’t really matter. When I got my test back I actually ended up getting a B with a note like, “Good essay, but next time read the book assigned!”


frequently lying to one of my college professors and still getting extensions. the last time i lied to him was the worst/most intricate one and i ended up handing in my college thesis a few weeks late. it was so late that i attended my graduation prior to handing it in.