People Reveal The Craziest Rules In Their Workplace They Actually Had To Follow

Rules are good for all of us! Rules keep everything running smoothly, and they make sure everyone knows what’s executed of them, and what’s not cool. At least, that’s what we tell children so they won’t act up in school and stuff. Once we get to be adults, we all realize that most workplaces are basically school for adults—you have to be there on time, sit quietly at your desk, do what you’re told, and follow whatever other random rules the person in charge comes up with. Some folks started an Ask Reddit thread to talk about all the incredibly dumb, lame, and perplexing rules and regulations they’ve ever faced at work.


The VP of our company just held a mass meeting to tell all of us we can’t have pictures or plants or food or any form of non office supplied object on our desk. Tons of coworkers have family pictures or their kids’ finger paintings pinned up on the cubicle walls. All that has to be removed. People were pissed.


I’m a teacher, so I have a million stupid rules I have to follow. But the worst one is that my performance evaluation is based on student improvement on the STAR literacy test. I teach wood shop.


At my old job, HR held a meeting to tell us that there was too much swearing on the sales floor. Someone raised their hand and pointed out that swearing is very common in our industry and that is the way that our customers speak. HR later sent out a memo explaining that swearing should be limited to conversations with clients. It was amazing.