10 Rules To Follow If You Want To Be A Better Friend

There are three group of people that you’ll probably go wild with during happy hour: your genuine gal pals, significant others/hookups, and occasionally, those fake ass girls that are only pretending to be your friends. I’m sure we all have those peeps in our lives that we can’t help but think: “do they even care about me?” There are sacred rules that distinguish a true best friend, from some knockoff fake Walmart best friend. And, if you’re looking to be a better friend overall to your homegirls, you should take out a notepad and write these bad boys down – because, they actually matter.

1. Thou shall always help her girl when she’s sick at a party.

A good friend isn’t making out with another dude (even if her crush finally noticed you) or humiliating their friend vomiting on Snapchat. Instead, she’s there holding your hair while you gracefully deposit your regret into the toilet.

2. Thou shall always keep secrets when asked to.

If your best friend tells you something personal and asked you to keep it to yourself, you do not share that with ANYONE. No matter how juicy. You shut your mouth for your homegirl. That’s the test of true loyalty.

3. Thou shall always be honest when her friend asks her something (tell her friend when she overdid it with the makeup).

This is more about being honest with your friend even if it might temporarily hurt her feelings. In the end, it is only helping her. I know we all tell white lies, but don’t tell them to your best friend. A fake friend would tell her she looks pretty. A real friend would get a wipe and try to help her. If a friend asks you if a selfie is too much – you’re honest and tell her, don’t post that sh*t, girl.

4. Thou shall never talk sh*t about her friend behind her back.

If she’s your best friend, you shouldn’t be hearing from mutual friends that she was trashing you or complaining about you behind your back. If she has a problem with you, she tells it to you. And, this works both ways. If you have a problem with your friend, address the problem with her and not everyone else.

5. Thou always share food/drinks with her best friend.

Germs don’t matter if you’re my best friend. Do you ever eat something and it’s SO GOOD? If I’m sipping on a frozen marg and it’s amazing, I’m going to tell my homegirl to try some. I want her to experience this delish drink with me. Also, if I can’t share dessert with my friend or fries, then I don’t even want you in my life. GOOD FOOD BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER.