These Are the Results of Sleeping With Your Best Friend

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We’ve all had sex with someone we shouldn’t have. Okay, not ALL of us, but most of us. You know the ones, you bang your friends ex, a friend’s brother, or maybe even that POS you swore you’d never touch with a ten foot pole. It happens.

Well, have you ever had sex with your friend? Sure, sex with a friend isn’t a huge deal, but what about sex with a BEST friend? Now that could be bad. You see, sex can lead to feelings which can lead to complications and awkwardness. You don’t want to ruin a perfectly good friendship for just one night of passion, do you?

Well, it tends to happen a lot. People confuse friendship with feelings and sh*t gets messy. Sure, sometimes you guys end up together, and it leads to the best relationship ever. But sometimes it completely ruins everything and you lose your best friend.

These 17 people slept with their best friend and the results are.. inconclusive. You see, so much sh*t can happen after sex with a BFF, that it’s impossible to say that it’s always a mistake, or always turns out great. I suppose it depends on your specific relationship. But I say, err on the side of caution.

These are the results of sleeping with your best friend:


Destroyed our friendship. The sex wasn’t good and it was just awkward every time I saw her after that. We had just built it up in our head and the pressure caused the sex to be forced and took the fun out of it. I would not recommend.


She really enjoyed it, talked about what she wanted to try next time, a couple days later she said she didn’t want to do any of it and only consented because she didn’t want me to be upset. She then ghosted the f*ck out of me even after I tried to explain that I’m okay with not having a physical relationship. But she wanted nothing to do with it. So I lost a best friend who used to sext me because I acted on some of her sext fantasies.


We got drunk, we slept together, we woke in the morning, looked at each other, laughed, carried on. We’re still best mates 13 years later – she was my best woman at my wedding.


We were best friends for 3 years. Then we became transition lovers for each other to help get over bad break ups. It worked out so well that we are now married. We have been together romantically for 10 years. It is the easiest relationship ever.