6 Signs That Alcohol Is The Root Of Your Relationship Problems

If you need more than ten fingers to tally a number of times you and your significant other have been in an argument when you’re drunk, you better read this thoroughly. There is nothing wrong with having a good time, and there is nothing better than going out with your SO, having a few drinks, and enjoying the night together. That is only fun though when the night involves drinks plus a lot of laughs and love; not drinks plus bickering and yelling. It happens so often that couples tend to fight more when they’re drunk and not thinking clearly. While it’s fine when it happens every once in a while –  if you’re in a relationship where booze causes major issues, it could be the cause of everything. Not everyone knows how to handle their alcohol and that’s their business but when alcohol use takes a toll on your relationship actions definitely need to take place.

1. You only fight with your SO when you are drunk.

This is a major problem. If you get along great and rarely ever fight when you are sober, yet find yourself at each other’s throats when booze is involved, it’s a problem. This is scary because alcohol affects our judgment making the idea of a breakup sound more rational when we are drunk than when we are sober. One little-drunk fight could end a perfect relationship.

2. Your fights with your SO are literally over nothing.

Ever have that moment when you’re like, “what are we even fighting over?” That usually tends to happen with alcohol-related fights. The littlest things that probably wouldn’t bother you sober is now the end of the world and you are screaming at each other in front of everyone at this party over nothing.

3. Everything seems worse when you are drunk.

Funny how this is so right? Your SO could breath the wrong way according to you when you are drunk and next thing you know you guys are “fighting.” It sounds crazy and it is actually even more ridiculous that we let alcohol create such a problem like this in our relationships. But, when we’re drunk, we don’t ever really think clearly.

4. You find yourself wanting to drink more to keep up with your SO.

This is definitely going to lead to a ton of issues. If your SO already has a problem where they tend to drink a lot, you following is not going to make the situation any better. We know that too much alcohol causes problems in relationships, so why add more to the mix? Definitely, don’t go shot for shot with your SO if you both can’t handle it.

5. You find yourself also wanting to drink more just so you can tolerate your SO for the night.

Another major warning sign. If you think drinking more is going to stop drunk arguments from occurring again, you are sadly mistaken. Drinking more is not going to make you tolerate your SO any better in a situation like this, and, if you need to be drunk to even tolerate going out with your partner, you’re probably not in the right relationship.

6. Things get violent only when alcohol is involved.

If things start to get physical when alcohol is involved there is definitely a bigger issue. This is something that should be taken very seriously. You probably (if you are together in the first place) would never want to put your SO in harm’s way. Alcohol messes with your perception of this. If you or your partner tend to get violent when you’re drunk, there are deeper problems that are being covered up and need to be addressed.