25 Memes That Were Literally Written About You When You’re Drunk

If you’re like me, you’ve been destroying your liver for years now. You love to drink! Beer, wine, cocktails, margs — if it contains alcohol, you’re chugging it and loving it. Whether it’s going out to the club and getting lit, or drinking alone and crying in your room (or maybe that’s just a “me” thing), drinking is your passion. Some may argue you have a slight drinking problem (BYE haters), while others may just consider you the life of the party.

Like the Amy Winehouse lyric “they tried to make me go to rehab I said, ‘no, no, no’,” you don’t listen to anyone when they say you have a problem (RIP tho, Amy!). You love alcohol and making mistakes! Here are 25 memes that are spot-on for every borderline alcoholic. Maybe you can scroll through the next time you’re shhwasted to keep you from doing something dumb you’ll regret tomorrow morning. Probably not though — you’re an intoxicated idiot.

Disclaimer: I did write this sober. I hope my mom is proud.

1. Real life photo of your inebriated ass last weekend:

2. Anytime someone serves you a drink that actually tastes delightful:

3. How you plan your day:


5. When your friend tries to act like your doctor.