15 Memes That Will Make Short Girls Say “Ugh, Same”

Being a short girl is tough. We can’t see well at concerts, our clothes never fit just right, and it seems like we just see the world from a completely different perspective. We’re no strangers to being the brunt of a joke, which is probably why we’re the best at making them. Though our height may be lacking, we can make up for it in many many ways. Besides, being short isn’t always a bad thing! We have some major advantages, too! We always rock at hide-and-seek, limbo was always our sh*t, and people will carry us places. Not to mention, we have some pretty dank memes. If we missed any, drop your fav shorty memes in the comments below.

1. Every end is the deep end.

Shorty got problems ova here

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2. At least we know our limits.

3. Selfies can be a bit difficult.

4. Well played.

5. Don’t short people get sun protection, too?