20+ Weird Hangover Cures People Swear By

Going out and drinking seems like a great idea until you wake up the next morning and realize you may possibly be on the brink of death. No matter how many times we tell ourselves we won’t drink “too much,” we somehow end up knees deep in shots and vodka sodas–to the point where all we all wish we could sleep for 45 days and forget anything ever happened. Lucky for us, everyone else goes through the same sh*t. Lucky for us part 2, BuzzFeed users have shared their “go-to” hangover cures that may seem weird but actually work.

24. gabbyt212

Getting older has changed my hangover game significantly. Drink a lot of water, sleep as much as possible, take ibuprofen, McDonald’s burritos are my go to any age and taking a hit from the bong.

23. anneliseg3


22. mitchp4adc503e0

2 x Bottles of Powerade with bacon, egg and cheese toasted sandwich!!

21. kristen05

1) taking a 5 hour energy right before drinking
2) drink pedialyte before bed
3) eat before bed

20. caitieh2

Clam chowder and a Sprite. I know it sounds horrifying (dairy seafood), but for some reason it works!

19. carolineb4bd01d498

The two G’s: grease and Gatorade

18. hollyskittlesb

Pickle juice and weed

17. victorias4366af9d7

Grape pedialyte over ice and some hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper. It sounds gross but it works miracles!

16. mollyr4b53bb800

Vitamin B-12 and B complex. Works wonders! And food: code red Mountain Dew and Chinese food…egg roll

15. Afoxx

Tomato soup the day after drinking. The lycopene helps reduce nausea, and if you eat it with toast or crackers, the carbs will act as a sponge to soak up the alcohol. Have plenty of water and just a little “hair of the dog” and you should be in good shape.

Also eating something and chugging water before bed will help prevent hangovers.

14. elisamiguelm

Coca Cola lime salt = BADABUM! Hangover where?!

13. emilys405016583

Frozen pickle juice pops!

12. ashleyt27

Alka seltzer before bed and when you wake up. And a cheeseburger for breakfast! Lots of water and a cold shower and you’re good to go!