I Hate Partying On Thanksgiving Eve And Here’s Why You Should Too

Thanksgiving Eve, or Valley New Year if you’re from where I am from; has become the biggest drinking holiday nationally and – I hate it. There are so many things wrong with it. For starters, this is the time to be giving thanks and be appreciative of what you have in life but, it’s difficult to give thanks when you are passed out, unconscious and vomiting somewhere on the floor of an overcrowded bar. The lines are super long, everyone charges a cover at the door and drinks are overpriced. No thanks.

There are so many other productive and better for the community, activities that you could take part in like volunteering at the soup kitchen, seeing your family, or, I don’t know, maybe even just stopping by your grandparent’s house and showing how much you appreciate them. I don’t just hate Thanksgiving Eve because it is unethical; to be honest I hate it for a lot more than that.

1. I hate running into everyone and their mothers at my hometown bar.

If you are interested in a high school reunion then Thanksgiving Eve is for you. I’m sorry, high school was so long ago and I am not trying to relive any memory of it – not even intoxicated. It is one of those things I’ll never go back to; like my ex, who I would hate to have to see. Not thankful for that experience. Everyone ends up going home for the holidays which means that the bar scene in your town is about to get jam-packed with bad memories. Brace yourselves.

2. I’d rather not be hungover the next morning when the family arrives.

Why would I give anyone in my family a reason to talk about me in a negative light? I would not allow that. I rather spend time being thankful for my family then having to run upstairs every ten minutes to vomit like I am in high school again – (like I said, not trying to relive high school in any way, avoiding that at all costs). Also, it’s hard to listen to everyone complaining when your head is pounding.

3. I would like to enjoy the delicious meal and be oh so thankful for it.

I hate that feeling when you are hungover and nothing can settle in your system. I am not about to let me family down by not being able to eat my portion of the 500 pounds of food sitting on the table in front of me the next morning. That is probably a sin to not eat the turkey on Thanksgiving. Plus, I need all the stuffing I can stuff myself with.

4. It’s always way too cold for me to go out at night and look like cute.

Cold weather calls for a warm hoodie and sweat pants. Since that is so socially acceptable to wear at a bar, I will pass. Any girl walking around in heels, a skirt, and a skimmy crop top that tells you she is not cold is lying – straight to your face. Also, who wants to get all dressed up to go outside and have to stand in a long bar line just to freeze more anyway? It is so not worth the over priced drinks.

5. We are approaching the season of giving, not the season of boozing.

I hate that people will go to the bar and drop money that have on drinks that aren’t even that good and then complain the next day about how they have no money to do holiday shopping. You can buy a $10 shot, but you can’t find money to by your own mother a gift for the holidays? You seriously need to reevaluate your life. I hate Thanksgiving Eve because it makes us forget, literally, what Thanksgiving is truly about. It is about giving thanks and spending time with the people you love.