15 People Confess The Worst Things They’ve Ever Done Drunk

We all love to get loose and have some fun every once in a while especially after a long week of heavy workload. It’s the least we could do to prize ourselves after so much unnecessary stress. Honestly, it’s also when the infamous group text invites, DM’s and promoters come in handy. Whatever it is we always have somewhere to end our sorrows in. We sure know how to have a good time when we want too and craving those tequila shots on hump day gets us even more anxious to get lit but the excitement always leads to some not so fun drunkenness mishaps am I right?

It’s safe to say that we aren’t as efficiently smart as we could be after about 4 or 5 shots. So considering the fore mentioned, our motor, verbal, and common sense skills are completely out of the question during these trying times. It’s like we completely shapeshift into someone or even something else when intoxicated and if we’re lucky, we have those friends who live to witness every single part of our enchantment. Better yet, videotape, snap pictures, and if they’re savage enough Facebook live it. But don’t worry – it can be worse:


I woke up extremely hung over on a friend’s couch after a night of heavy drinking and partying. To my horror, I discovered that, in my drunken state, I’d allowed said friend’s six-year-old daughter to trim my hair. I now have a bowl cut.


I found out why a boy I like has been ignoring me since we went out for drinks the other night. I accidentally got too drunk and remember nothing except that I decided to play on my phone for awhile. The next day he wouldn’t even talk to me and when I asked why, he told me that I had drunkenly revealed to him that I had multiple crushes, all of their names, and had shown him all of my conversations with them on WhatsApp.


Today, I woke up hungover, locked in my bathroom. This wouldn’t be a problem, except in my drunken stupor, I snapped the key. I live alone and there are no windows. FML


After a night of drinking, I woke up in the hospital with a broken coccyx. Apparently, my drunk self came to the glorious conclusion that it would be a good idea to cannonball into a puddle while screaming “POOLPARTYYYY!” at the top of my lungs.


My ex-girlfriend called saying she wants to get back together because of how mature and sincere I sounded last night. I despise her and I was drunk last night.