20 Bartenders Reveal The Things You Probably Do That Completely Piss Them Off

Bartenders are the unsung heroes of the world. They’re responsible for serving all kinds of people and woes—they serve happy drinks, sad drinks, depressed drinks, celebratory drinks. No matter the occasion, bartenders are always there for us. But, as we all know, being a bartender can be rather annoying when you have to deal with customers who want extremely particular drinks, or, get far too drunk to function.

BuzzFeed recently asked bartenders to share those “pet peeves” they have that customers are always doing and I bet my last $10 that you’ve done half of them.


When a customer so anxiously and rudely gets my attention, then has to turn around to all his friends to ask what they want. No one has time for idiots. —kathr4b38cf921


When you ask me what kind of beers we have and I rattle off a massive list and you say bud light (or the first beer I mentioned). —kaitlynj47b0f0ad4


When a customer orders a complicated hand crafted cocktail and then complains about the time it takes to make it, or the price. You’re paying $15 dollars for that Old Fashioned because I’ve just hand stirred it, infused it with the smoke from wood chips using a Handheld Smoke Gun, and “Flamed” a freshly peeled orange rind for your glass. If a drink takes more than three steps, and involves a “showy” fun to watch technique, it wont be fast, or cheap. e449cff95b


Whenever a customer comes up to the bar and says “So, what do you guys have here?” Um, really? Ok, let me list the thousands of drinks that I could make you with the beer, wine and liquor that we have here. —kristinb22


Telling our managers “this bartender is great, give her a raise!” That basically just translates to “I’m too cheap to give a good tip, even though it was great service.” Raises don’t exist in this world. If you truly loved the service, please tip just a dollar or two more. It really adds up. —Laiirr


PLEASE do not tell me long stories, especially if you know I’m the only bartender! This happens more with regulars who are the ones that know I’m the only person watching the bar and the high tops. I do NOT have to time to stop and listen to you. If I start clearly walking away realize I’m busy and stop talking or wrap it up! —knr8269


I absolutely fucking hated it when these random ass middle age men called me pet names like honey, sweetie, baby, hun, sugar, hot stuff, etc. or if they catcalled me for attention. It’s SUPER pedo and absolutely disgusting. I actually made a point not to serve them if they did that. —LunaWolf1216


When a customer watches you measure and pour, and complain that it’s a short pour (and usually the price, too). Sometimes the ice can make a drink look short, but that’s all I can give you unless you want to buy another shot! —chelseakarst


When non-regulars ask your name and then continue to shout your name across the bar for every little thing thinking they’ll get special attention. You’re not special now that you know my name, your creepy, obnoxious, and getting the same service as everyone else. —chelseakarst


When a group of ppl show up and try desperately to get your attention, then you get there and only one person is ready. You make their drink (and of course it’s a martini) and come back and the next person says, “Ooh, that looks good. I’ll take that too.” I could have saved us all time and made them together. I love when I get up to a group and that one person already has everyone’s orders. You win. You’re my fucking hero. I’m buying your drink! —marcir4a053965c


I’ve had people change their mind about what drink they want…when I’m literally seconds away from finishing making the drink they originally ordered. Waste of time and ingredients, and it WON’T get you two drinks for the price of one. —jconway


When a customer interrupts me when I’m with another customer. Wait your turn, I will get to you I promise, the alcohol will still be here when I get to you. —anns4f5cadc13


When people snap or wave at you for attention. When you’re busy and they keep interrupting others…I can remember a lot at a time but you’re messing me up! PATIENCE. When people say they used to be a bartender or in the industry, and then stiff you. Or try and tell you how do your job…if I need help I’ll ask, and it most likely won’t be asking you. “Are you ever gonna get a real job, go back to school??” Uhh..probably not. And this IS a real job. elicianicolef


“Get me what I just ordered” umm sir that was about 10 minutes ago and there has been 50 more people in my face since then… —ashleyr49a86af39


Do not put your hand in the fruit tray. If you’d like an extra lime or some olives, please just ask. —hollyskittlesb


Honestly just when people think you have ten arms – if it’s busy we’re going as quick as we can and we’ll get to you as quickly as possible BUT DONT STAND THERE AND COMPLAIN ABOUT SLOW SERVICE! look around and appreciate how busy it is and how hard we’re working. —sophiet45022e04f


When you ask what they want, they say “surprise me”, then don’t like the drink you make. Or they say “Make me your favorite” Then they complain cause they don’t like it. At least know what kind of liquor you want before you order. —lilyn4754e79fc


Order all your drinks at once!! This includes waters. I can bang out 5 long islands in 15 seconds but if you order them one at a time it’s going to take up to 5 minutes. And then I’m going to hate you. —ilostmyphoneonce


My biggest pet peeve is being told to smile more. I sling drinks and sarcastic insults, not cookies and milk with hugs! —dalringdarelle


WHEN CUSTOMERS SLAP THE BAR TO GET YOUR ATTENTION. That’s a one way ticket to Ignoretown, pal. —wabisabija