Lingerie Store Employee Reveals The Disgusting Things Customers Actually Do To Products

When you work in a specific section of retail, you can learn a lot of things about how disgusting customers can actually be. Come to think of it, when people try on just about anything that can be considered “intimates” you can learn a lot about hygiene and–well–how disgusting people can truly be. I’ve personally never worked in retail, but I have worked in restaurants for years and I’ve seen the vilest eating habits and table manners possible. So, if someone were to tell me that working in a bathing suit shop, a lingerie store, or anywhere they sell “intimates” gave them an inside look to gross human behaviors–I would 100% believe them. One Imgur user decided to share her stories from when she worked in a high-end lingerie store in her teenage years and, some of the discoveries will make you never want to shop again.

My first job out of high school was at an upscale lingerie store. Here are some of my stories:

It was a shock that people were permitted to try the undergarments in their bare flesh. Even thongs (which we all know go up where the poopoo comes out) were permitted.

Because of this strange and gross practice, we were allowed to “damage out” questionable items once a client left It was usually a “code brown”, but there are other colors ladies can leave in things (because ladies can be grooooooss)